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A paper-charting system or an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that doesn’t match your needs can hinder quality care for residents. The creators of Tabula Pro are IT and healthcare professionals. We understand the needs of Senior Living Facilities and Group Homes. Our lived experience guided us to create software that goes beyond a basic EHR. Tabula Pro is a comprehensive system that allows you to efficiently manage resident care and records, staffing, and operations at your Senior Living Care Facility.

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Key Features

  • Stay compliant with state regulations

  • High level of security

  • Personalized dashboards

  • Robust Electronic Health Record

  • Resident management

  • Staff management

  • Task alerts

  • Searchable data

  • State-required reports auto-generated

  • Create custom forms

  • Contact management


Comprehensive Software

The robust EHR includes standard medical history, medication, and allergy information. It includes features for complete resident management. For example, the ability to track activities, incidents, finances, and more. Paper files and documents like living wills can be scanned and then added to resident profiles. With so much data, there is the possibility of tasks being missed, but this complete tracking reduces the risk of errors. Accurate records, electronically available to all staff ensure quality care for residents. You can set the personalized dashboard with alerts for daily tasks to make sure you don't miss anything.

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Customized for Security

You can customize every account so records are kept secure. This ensures the right individuals have access to the information and tasks they need. You can customize accounts for those in your organization. Accounts for those outside of your organization that need access can also be customized. This could be doctors, family members, pharmacies, and outside agencies.

Staff management is easier when consolidated with Tabula Pro. Employee records are easy to find and kept in compliance. Use checklists to ensure compliance within the organization. You can receive alerts for staff certifications before they expire. This helps your facility stay in compliance. You can even create staff schedules with ease.

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Facility Management

With all your data in one place, resident management is streamlined. You can use the dashboard to see how many residents you have and where they are residing. This works no matter if they are in hospice, in assisted living, or hospitalized. You can search within the data for almost any parameter you need.

Tabula Pro will also organize all the contact information for your facility. Managing a facility involves many different aspects. You can keep all hospital, ambulance services, maintenance, supplier, government agency, or vendor information in one place. Categorize your contacts how you need to for your organization. All contacts are easily searchable, too.

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Why Choose Tabula Pro

We know what you need based on our own experience in the field. We will update all auto-generated forms and reports required by the state whenever any changes are made. This cuts down on your administrative time and costs. Tabula Pro will save you time when it comes to state inspections. Comprehensive state reports and checklists will help you simplify the inspection process. You will be able to pull all the resident information quickly for inspectors.

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What to Expect During the Demo

You can see for yourself how Tabula Pro can be your senior living software solution. Spend 30-60 minutes receiving a complete platform walk-through from one of our company founders. Schedule a demo today!

Stay in compliance with state regulations. Streamline management of all your data for staff and residents. Tabula Pro is more than an EHR. It is comprehensive software to help run your senior living and group care facility. Request a demo of Tabula Pro today!

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