Tabula Pro will help you manage resident care and meet documentation requirements. With easy to manage forms and reminders, you can now dedicate your vital time to delivering quality care!

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Keeping You In Compliance

Tabula Pro was meticulously crafted with the dual purpose of not just optimizing your time and financial resources, but also ensuring seamless alignment with the regulatory agency overseeing your facility. Our commitment involves actively understanding your challenges and engineering custom solutions to effortlessly uphold compliance standards.

Tabula Pro is a vital tool for navigating state inspections. Tabula Pro not only offers timely alerts and organizational support but also provides comprehensive state inspection reports and checklists. The pre-licensing survey report simplifies the process of providing state inspectors with resident information quickly. Additionally, our checklists and patient record management system facilitate efficient navigation through resident files, enabling a thorough walkthrough of your facility while systematically checking off the elements the state inspectors will be assessing.

With Tabula Pro, you're guaranteed to stay well-prepared and proactive in meeting your requirements!

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User Security Levels

Tabula Pro enables you to design and personalize user accounts and groups, ensuring that the right individuals have access to specific information and tasks.

You can generate user accounts not only for your staff but also for doctors, family members, pharmacy contacts, outside agencies, temporary workers, or anyone else with specific permissions tailored to their role.



The dashboard furnishes detailed information, alerts, and reminders regarding your residents, ensuring compliance with your state's governing agency. You have the flexibility to personalize the dashboard, displaying information, alerts, and reminders tailored to your facility's specific needs. Additionally, you can set the dashboard to show information, alerts, and reminders for a specified period—ranging from the next 10 days up to 3 months.

Here are some modules available for display on the dashboard:

  • Active, Home Health, Hospice, and Hospitalized residents
  • Frequently Asked Questions/Answer Key (Census Data)
  • Resident Income Sources and Mobility
  • Upcoming Resident Documentation such as Assessments, Support Plans, Medical Evaluations, and more!
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Resident Management

Track more than just the standard medical history, medications, and allergies. Our robust EHR allows you to track activities, incidents, finances, and much more. With our comprehensive paperless EHR, you’ll improve overall efficiency, reduce the risk of errors, and ensure the best care for residents, while allowing records to be easily retrieved on electronic device.

Track all of your residents information from admission through discharge!

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Staff Management

Similar to managing resident files, you can now efficiently handle your employee records too. From compliance checklists to constructing staff schedules, everything is streamlined. Receive alerts about expiring staff certifications and conveniently upload and store electronic copies of records! Our staffing module consolidates all records into one organized, safe, and secure location.


Resident Alerts

Effectively managing a resident's comprehensive data can pose challenges. Tabula Pro simplifies this task with its alert system, ensuring timely reminders for crucial tasks related to your residents' needs.

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Resident Tracking

With our patient record management system, you can easily access information about your residents! You can search for almost any parameter you can think of.

For example, you can quickly see your census on your dashboard. From your census, you can track which residents are on home health or hospice, which company will be caring for them, what date they started, and for what reason. Tap into your data!


Auto-Generated Reports

If you use Tabula Pro to do resident admissions, our senior living software will automatically take the information you entered and generate forms and reports like emergency transfer sheets, face sheets, pre-licensing surveys, resident birthday lists, active resident lists, and medication review sheets that can easily be printed and sent with them to the doctors.

Tabula Pro will auto-fill resident forms that are required by the state. Whether it’s an assessment, support plan, screening, or medical evaluation, Tabula Pro will auto-fill as much information as possible, significantly cutting down the time you spend doing paperwork!

Talk about convenience!


Custom Forms

Tabula Pro will provide you with every resident form that is required by the state. Not only will we provide the forms, but we will also automatically update them every time the state makes a change. Leaving you with no extra work to do.

If there is a form we don’t have or a form that you wish you had, don’t worry, with our custom form builder you now have the ability to custom-build your own forms and reports. Get this, it gets even better, not only can you design your own layouts specific to match your needs, but you can also call information from the database. For example: if you wanted a report that ONLY shows a resident’s name, date of birth, SSN, gender, medications, progress notes, and physicians, you could build one to do exactly that.


Scan In and Upload Files

With the ability to scan in and upload files to a specific resident, we also create the ability to significantly reduce the amount of paper files that you have to dig through every time a piece of info is requested.

Having the ability to upload anything to a resident's file reduces the amount of time spent searching through papers or even worse, someone filing it into the wrong place or not filing it at all. Upload examples include copies of insurance, medicare, or pace cards. Medication orders and attaching it right to the medication list itself, making it easy to quickly identify the correct order and also print or email it if needed.

As for everything else, you can upload documents like history and physicals, living wills, and POA papers to an organized section of the program, again making it easy to reference, print, and/or email!



Let our Contacts section serve as your facility directory! Tabula Pro organizes an abundance of contact information. Your contacts can be categorized as hospitals, ambulance services, nursing or personal care homes, maintenance, suppliers, government, or miscellaneous vendors. Most importantly, physicians can be stored by specialty and all contacts are easily searchable.